Veriaty Managing Director, Robin Vauvelle, Launches Seed Funding Project

By: Ryan Kennedy, Public Relations Assistant, Veriaty Limited.

Published: 21 December 2019

Veriaty Limited ("Veriaty") Founding Partner and Managing Director, Robin Vauvelle has set sight on the emerging startup market with ""; an online portal which will connect smaller business startups with interested investors by late 2020.

The project led by Veriaty's internal development team already features 38 startups and 25 investors, with a community board as an addition to provide peer-to-peer business and investment advice.

While the platform is under-development, both investors and startup owners can apply for direct financing consideration from Veriaty itself or it's board of investors.

Mr. Vauvelle stated that "With the recent divorce from the European Union via BREXIT, previously championed and backed grants, investment incentives and funds available via European Union will no longer be available to British Businesses. Veriaty invites all businesses, and investors to apply to be considered for investment opportunities and for investors, addition to our investor panel."

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